Monster: A Norwegian Serial Killer Thriller on Starz

Monster (TV series 2017) on Stars

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Monster is a seven part series with a simple premise a girl Toril Lind goes missing.   Heading up the investigation is Hedda Hersoug, newly back to her home town.  She plans to work at the local station and keep her mind off of her husband and the marriage she left down south.

Then Toril Lind’s boyfriend enters a motel laundry mat hand on neck bleeding out.  The soon to retire chief requests help from the south to help him and his officers.   Hedda, who has little criminal investigation, must work with two investigators from the south Joel Dryer and Thomas Jacobi.   Neither officer wants Hedda in their way nor anyone else in the department. They want to handle things their way with little interference,

It would seem the series would be local officers verse the more experiences but one would be wrong.    Monster is much more a multi-layered series that not only seeks to unravel who killed Toril but also to answer if others are at risk too.  Then the investigation becomes more complicated when Toril is found dead in a shallow grave and Jacobi dies of gunshot wounds outside of the hotel he and Dryer are staying at. And that is just from the first two episodes.

The series is intriguing and has lots of layers too. Not only is the main premise of the series more than meets the eye so are nearly all the characters in Monster.   I think this is going to be a slow burn type program that not only strives to solve multiple murders but also explores hidden aspects of family, community, and efforts to keep what each person has even if it means bending or even breaking the law.

Monster: A Norwegian Serial Killer Thriller on Starz

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