Radical Monarchs: The Group Alternative to Girl Scouts

Radical Monarchs
Image from ssflim.org
Radical Monarchs
Image from sffilm.org

While checking for Just Added videos on the PBS app I found the POV documentary Radical Monarchs.

In 2014, Marilyn Hollinquest and Anayvette Martinez began a socially driven organization in Oakland, California known as the Radical Monarchs.   It is an alternative group to the Girl Scouts. 

Instead of focusing on earning badges in leadership or theater, this group go in a different direction.

In the beginning the documentary Marilyn talks to the girls about acceptance through talks on gender and sexual identity.  Then over two year these girls develop other skills they need to thrive and to fight to better their world.  

This documentary is empowering.  I think it is great that Hollingquest and Martinez started this group.   They believe every girl needs to love herself, be comfortable with who she is and stand tall. And most importantly to be ready to speak up for themselves and others.

Why, as a former Black Panther member tells the girls our society is going backwards and she is right.   

As a child of the 1980s, tuning in to watch a New York news station, I saw footage of Latinos and African Americans being beaten by police. If a Latino or African  American was killed; the chance for justice was next to nil.

No Latino child needs to fear losing a family member who has no Visa. No Asian (Indian dot) child who wears a salwar has to feel bad for it. Why because we do not control what body and skin color we are born with.

The Radical Monarchs are trying to improve our culture for future generations. I wish that the training and talks these girls are having can one day cross the Color Barrier.

Radical Monarchs: The Group Alternative to Girl Scouts

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