Michelle Tillis Lederman’s The Connector’s Advantage

Michelle Tillis Lederman's The Connector's Advantage 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact
Michelle Tillis Lederman’s
The Connector’s Advantage
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Michelle Tillis Lederman’s The Connector’s Advantage is a road map on how to make the most of professional networking so a person can maximize these relationships . This could lead to many things for instance a promotion, referrals, a new job, or something else like gaining a mentor.

I am part of a a few networking groups myself. They include NTi (Network Today International), The Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Bloomington Inc., and BNI (Business Network International.

Since I joined each group the one common thread has been to build a connection with other professionals. This is done by telling others in that particular group about what you do and vise versa. The more that is shared especially outside of a meeting like in a 1-2-1 meeting the stronger the connection and the stronger possibility of getting results.

Lederman stresses this too and she writes to mix up what you say in each networking group. She says don’t lean on the pitch all the time. Let others know why you are in the profession you are in, what drives you in it, and how you do what you do and how you fulfill a need that a client has.

Then Lederman urges the reader to take this further by networkin online too. In her book she uses Linkedin, as an example, and lays out step by step what to do.

One thing she stresses with Linkedin is to not give canned responses to your network. Instead personalize a message congratulating someone on a work anniversary or a new job. Its more meaningful and can lead to a more meaningful relationship.

All these concepts Lederman writes are easy to understand and motivate me to make networking bear fruit.

Michelle Tillis Lederman’s Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact
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