Me Poems and Life Surprises

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I used to write Me Poems or statements about my life.   I have not considered writing any new ones but I’d like to write a few thoughts along the same lines.   The family jewelry business shall close with in the next couple months.  Life is full of surprises. My own included.

In my last year of high school my guidance counselor told me about real time court reporting, think stenography, only with a machine that has no letters on its keys, and its the size of an old fashioned rotary phone.   The idea of this job excited me so I enrolled in a technical school to be trained.   However an accident on Halloween night 1998 ended this career path.

I became very depressed because of back pain and then my interest slowly returned when my Dad chose to start a clip earring business.   I began to help him by doing research from time to time for my Dad.  Sometimes I did this by making calls from the phone book to different jewelry related businesses  or I went online in the early days of the Internet.

The jewelry business got me to feel alive and purposeful again.   I even enrolled in online community college courses to begin studying sociology, psychology, literature, history, and philosophy.   Also, I started to take up yoga to learn meditation.  I got stiff and hardly moved because of back pain but boy am I thankful I found motivation.    I have keep up exercise every day and this is now my 20th year. Its a real mental boost and helps me get in a good frame of mind.

At the same time my Mom who was the boss of the company became sick I began to get an itch that I wished to do something else professionally.  After she recovered the feeling stayed and I decided to go into insurance.  It is the last job I want to have unless as I wrote in a past post my books audience grows sufficiently then yes I will gladly juggle the two.


Me Poem from September 13, 1990


I used to  live on Farley Avenue but now I live on North Avenue

I used to act like a nerd but now I know better.

I used to be eight, but now I’m eleven.

I used to be good at sports, but now I’m a klutz.

I used to be four foot two but now I’m four foot nine.

I used to play with Barbie dolls but now I play cards.

I used to be horrible at writing stories and poems but now I’m good.

I used to play friends a lot, but now I don’t.

I used to be able to do ballet but now I play the flute.

I used to be able to ask questions without being nervous, but now its the other way around.

I used to be in elementary but now I’m in Park Middle School.

I used to have less homework, but now I have a ton.

I used to be in the fifth grade but now I’m in the sixth grade.

I used to have lots of baby teeth but now I have some adult teeth.

I used to finish my homework before nine but now it isn’t true any more.

I used to be a little girl but now I have to become a young lady and I don’t want to.

Me Poems &  Life’s Surprises
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