Marvel TV Series WandaVision on Disney+

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WandaVision brings back fond memories of tuning into Nick and Nite and TV Land to watch older comedy series like Bewitched and The Dick Van Dyke Show. I also like the opening sequences to each WandaVision episode that pays homage to the shows like these as well as the commercials that honor Marvel history

This is a fresh and welcome change to the usual superhero comic, cartoon, and movie theme where the superheroes and villains fight each other until the heroes win.  Except in the series first two episodes it is more about Wanda and Vision trying to fit in and act normally than being superheroes. Yes Wanda and Vision do use their powers except its for the purposes of shortcuts. For example, Vision using them at his job to compute numbers and Wanda cooking diner in the kitchen.

Add to this is a mystery element. Neither character can answer basic questions about themselves. This happens twice in the first episode when Vision’s boss Mr. Hart comes over to dinner with his wife and earlier when Agnes, their neighbor, visits Wanda without Vision present.

The second episode continues this theme until the very end when Wanda notices a bee keeper, says no, and time rewinds. Then in the third episode Vision sees Agnes speaking with another neighbor, Herb. He goes up to them and asks about their discussion. The neighbors freeze momentarily then brush off the question.

Vision does not let this go and when he makes a comment to Wanda that something feels wrong, time rewinds just like with the Bee keeper. It seems Wanda needs this alternate universe and will fight to keep it at all costs because the loses in her life kept coming and became too much when Pietro dies in Age of Ultron and then Vision who dies twice. Wanda kills him first to prevent Thanos from getting the infinity stone in his forehead then Thanos reverses time to kill Vision again.

This idea gets reinforcement after Wanda sings a song to her newborns and Geraldine suddenly asks her if Ultron killed her brother. Wanda’s face grows dark and she forces Geraldine out of her world to reality.

Yet, before this event a stork on the wall in a bedroom comes to life and walks around the house to the horror of Wanda. She tries to make the stork go away with her magic before Geraldine can see it, but the stork refuses to disappear. So could Wanda not have as much control as she thinks she does? Or am I making too much of the stork scenes?

What I do know is I want to see how this plays out.  I do think the show will  shift to the superhero/villain fight as seen in a preview for a later episode in the series. And I believe Wanda must face events from Age of Ultron, Infinity War and Endgame to move forward. Either the construct Vision convinces her to do this or Wanda began this alternate reality and someone wants to take control and use Wanda for an unknown purpose.

Marvel TV Series WandaVision on Disney+
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