The Marshal & The Passenger: Mandalorian S2

The Marshal and the Passenger: First Episodes of Mandalorian S2
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The Marshal opens with Din Djarin arriving to a sporting even hoping to get information on others of his kind from Gor Koresh (voice by John Leguizamo) but Koresh refuses. A fight ensues and by the end of it  Din Djarin  is told to go to the Outer Rim..

However, when Din Djarin  reaches the Outer Rim Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) is not whom he expects to meet. He is a drifter who came at the right moment and using Mandalorian armor he got from Tusken raiders protects the town he resides in. Vanth is pretty successful except for getting rid of Krayt dragons that terrorize the residents of his town.

When  Din Djarin  demands Vanth give up the armor, he tells him he will not do that unless Din Djarin helps him get rid of the Krayt dragons which he does with help from Tusken raiders.

The second episode The Passenger has  Din Djarin continuing his journey to return the Child to his people.

This time he has to take a Frog Lady to her husband so he can learn the location other Mandalorian. The catch to this – Din Djarin cannot use his ship’s hyper drive because it will threaten the tadpole eggs the Frog Lady has with her.

Reluctantly Din Djarin agrees and the threat to the Frog Lady’s eggs comes from The Child who want a snack.

Of the two episodes I prefer the Passenger. The hoard of spiders going after Din Djarin. The Frog Lady, her young, and The Child made me fear they would not make it out alive. All because The Child got hungry and ate one of the spider eggs. I felt great relief when the X-wing fighters came to save the day.

The Marshall and The Passenger: Mandalorian S2
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