Maps and Legends: Star Trek Picard Ep 2

Maps and Legends: Star Trek Picard Ep 2

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Maps and Legends: Star Trek Picard Ep 2
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Maps and Legends opens with Picard learning from Laris and her brother Zhaban about a secret Romulan Society known as the Zhat Vash. Although she can’t tell Picard a lot she tells him enough that they go to Dahj’s apartment.

Picard and Laris find out the apartment has little electronic residue of what happened when Dahj and her boyfriend were attacked.  So they dig into computer messages Dahj passed with her sister Soji. Although Laris is unable to tell where Soji is, she can tell Picard Soji is not on Earth.

The viewer does find out Soji is on a “dead” Borg cube part the site of a scientific study on deceased Borg. (Soji records the autopsies notes.)

Also she has begun a relationship with Narek (a hunky Romulan) who is the brother of Lieutenant Narissa Rizzo of Star Fleet.

She works under Commandor Oh who is also part of Zhat Vash. It is her job to make sure her brother gets the information they want from Soji. So far the results are not good. And Oh does not like what Picard is up to.

She learns about this from from Admiral Clancy who refuses to let Picard do the investigation he wants to do. So Picard decides to find a way to so without Star Fleet’s help.

Much of the episode is pretty good but there are two things I do not like.

The first is Picard’s doctor Dr. Benayoun telling Jean Luc a part of his brain has become ill and will at some point kill him. The second is Zhat Vash infiltrating Star Fleet.

Both story lines I have seen plenty times before and they have become non-fresh to me due to their frequency. However, I still find the Dahji and Soji story line appealing.

Last week I brought up Data making Lal who appeared in Season 3 Episode 16 of Star Trek The Next Generation. Now a new reiteration of this story line is the basis for Picard.

And although I do not like the infiltration of Star Trek/fake romance for information story lines, I really want to see where Dahi/Soji exploration goes.

Maps and Legends: Star Trek Picard Episode Two
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