Make It Happen

“Make It Happen Represents Motivating Progression And Encourage”
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“Make It Happen”  – my goal for the move to a new office building but now it is time I do the same as a writer.

My parents have lived at Meadowood for about a month and are enjoying living there. So far my parents have watched a few films with their fellow residents ; my Dad played poker once and lost 10 cents; and  my Mom joined a Scrabble team.  I look forward to hearing what else they will be doing.

They still have their outside activities. My Mom still volunteers each Wednesday at the hospital making greeting bags or some such thing and going to the YMCA three days a week.  My Dad has a men’s group at church, Rotary, GBHU and a few other things.

The second floor of their house is still being emptied but it is getting closer and closer with each visit.   Eventually though they will have to decide if remaining big items at the house go to auction or they go to charity.

I’m happy I made it through this transition mentally and physically.   Now I can get back into work mode and splitting my time between insurance and Internet retail.  Once this flow has happened for a while I will get back to a story I have put on hold, SGI (Space Goal Impossible) and wrap it up on Channilo and in time remove it from the website. I’d like to revise it and perhaps rewrite a few sections before deciding if I republish it elsewhere or not.





Make It Happen