Little Habit Change: Hot Spot

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


As part of my move to a new home my parents gave me their Hot Spot.  In the past I paid for cable and Internet and split my TV watching between the two.  Now I will try only using the Internet for it.  The amount of gigabytes on the Hot Spot is 5K and lasts thirty days until the amount renews the following month.

Based on data usage I have guessed that a gigabyte a week is used. I won’t know if this is correct until December 3rd when the Hot Spot data starts over at 5K.

In the meantime to play it safe I have chosen to read for up to three hours daily and to watch DVDs checked out from my local library. How it shakes out I will find out and rate what happened then decide if I stick to using a Hot Spot or go ahead and pay just for Internet.

(Here is a link to a blog post about a couple who relied solely on a Hot Spot.  I read this to get an idea of what I am in for.)

Another change I chose to make when I moved was to give up a land line and only use my cell phone. Prior to my move on the 7th, I practiced keeping my cell phone on and figured out I would have to recharge it every two or three days to avoid risking having a dead battery. Both the change in watching TV and phone use are small but this I hope is a start to other habit changes I may make in my life.  I think I could use some more of it.  Do I really need to do this? No, but I’d like to give it a try and who knows maybe I’ll like it.