Lenox Hill: A Medical Series airing on Netflix

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Lenox Hill is a storied hospital in Manhattan that began in 1857 to meet the medical needs of its population and a growing immigrant community. It has also been one of the pioneers of medicine including in 1907 establishing the first physical therapy department in the U.S. and being the first hospital to perform angiocardiography. Click here to read more about Lenox Hill.

In this eight episode series the focus is on two neurosurgeons, an ER doctor, and an OBGYN resident. The viewer sees them with their families and at work interacting with co-workers and patients. Then in a twist (and the viewer finds this out early on) the ER doctor Mirtha Macri and the OBGYN resident Amanda Little-Richardson are pregnant for the rest of the season will have dual roles. One in their profession and the other as patients in the hospital they work in.

I like the balance of the four doctors stories with the treatment of patients. Each strives to get to know who they treat as best they can. I thought wrong this would be the hardest for Macri but it turns out she does have regulars to the ER and she can get to know some of her patients just as well as the three other doctors.

There is a lot to like in these eight episodes and my emotions got high and other times I got teary to the point of needing to take a break for at time to collect myself. The hardest episode is the last one when we get a look at the beginning of the pandemic hitting the U.S. And it really got me to see Macri pregnant with her second child and still wanting to keep going into Lenox to care for others.

It is still too early to tell if Netflix will revisit Lenox Hill or if these eight episodes are it. I would be content with this being it just as much as I would be game to see more.

Lenox Hill: A Medical Series airing on Netflix
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