Legendary Author Battle Story Video No. 7

 image courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net



I am part of a group on Google+ called Legendary Author Battle.  It is a fun group where two authors collaborate on a story together, read and record it,  then put up a video on You tube.

I collaborated with author and group owner/monitor Simon Cantan.  I hope you enjoy the following story. Below is the description and then the link to the video follows.

The story finds a hybrid tiger-human named Chandra and a human named John zapped back 65 million years ago to the land of the dinosaurs by an evil time lord named Yuu. Chandra, a raider similar to famous movie character Indiana Jones, stole a machine of his that allows him to travel to other dimensions. Will the heroes defeat Yuu? Find out in the video link.

Legendary Author Battle #7