Legacy: Disney Gallery – Mandalorian Documentary Ep 2

Legacy: Disney Gallery
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The focus of Disney Gallery episode 2 of the Mandalorian documentary did not shed more light on the the show but instead was all about the Star Wars legacy.

And the round table is back again with the one common person being Jon Favreau. In the first round John Knoll, ILM effects supervisor; Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Producer; Richard Bluff Visual Effects Supervisor; and Hal Hickel, Animal Director spoke about the long history of Star Wars.

Then the participates switch back to the directors from episode one. The episode also had the actors from Mandalorian all speak about their love of Star Wars and their memories of it.

I did not mind hearing about all things Star Wars. I got to learn a few things like John Knoll has been at ILM for a long while but his first interaction with Star Wars came with Phantom Menace. And Kathleen Kennedy says she thinks George Lucas finally went back to Star Wars to produce new films after the Indiana Jones movies and new things in movie tech. One last thing I learned is George Lucas and ILM have a lot of patents. Here is a link to a few of them from Justia Patents.

What I would mind though is if Star Wars talk dominates into episode 3,4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and over shadows or excludes Mandalorian. I still want to hear how the show came to be. I want to hear what the participants – directors, actors, crew, producers, ect. think of this new direction in the Star Wars world. This is what I hope to see. Is it bad to celebrate Star Wars no, but excluding what the documentary is supposed to be about is.

Legacy: Disney Gallery: Star Wars The Mandalorian Doc Ep 2
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