The Last Jedi: A Post Original Star Wars Trilogy Film

The Last Jedi A Post Original Star Wars Trilogy Film

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The Last Jedi- A Post Original Star Wars Trilogy Film
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A few years ago I saw the first film to include the actors from the original Star Wars trilogy films – The Force Awakens. In my mind it is a solid film with minimal flaws. Yes, Han Solo dying in the film is sad but I knew for years that Harrison Ford had not wanted his character to survive as long as he had. It took decades for the actor to get his wish.

I then thought that as the films would go on that another original trilogy character would die. I did not want to see it and then Carrie Fisher passed away and I did a reversal.

Unlike some Star Wars fans I thought Rian Johnson did a good job on the film and he gave Fisher and Hamill plenty of screen time. Also I thought his decisions in expanding the stories of Finn, Poe, Rey, and Kylo Ren was good as well.

A few of my favorite scenes in the film occur on the planet Cantonica. My three favorite scenes include: Rose and Finn riding Fathier Horses the kids hearing the legend of Luke Skywaker, and the boy who held the broom like a light saber.

Away from Cantonica, I like the scenes Rey has with Luke on Ahch. Especially the one where she is alone in a dark side cavern and she sees multiples of herself.

The last scenes that grabbed me was the battle between Kylo Ren and his Uncle Luke as well as Luke’s scene with his sister when he gives her golden dice.

The Last Jedi as I wrote is really good although I feel The Force Awakens tops it.

The Last Jedi A Post Original Star Wars Trilogy Film
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