Keeping a Wall Clock Memory Alive

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A wall clock I have holds a special memory for me, one of my maternal grandfather.  To this day I can still picture him in my mind at the home he had in Indianapolis winding a clock in the dining room.  By, I think the 1990s, this clock wore out. My mother found a wall clock with a train on it as a gift to her father.

After he died, my Mom let me take an item from his home.  Of all the items my grandfather owned I chose the train clock because of my special memory.  A couple of years ago one of the springs kept breaking so my parents took the clock to a local repairman to converted to self-winding.  At one point he chose to find, with my Mom’s permission, a clock movement with a train whistle sound to go with the train depicted above the hands of the clock.

A week ago the clock movement broke.  It was leaning against the wall while I drilled a hole to hang the clock.  I just finished when the clock tipped sideways crashing into my entertainment center.  I knew the original repair man moved out of state so I decided to try and fix the clock myself.

Luckily the Internet came up with results for several sites selling clock movements. However, each movement has a different measurement which I knew nothing about. Back to the Internet I went and did a new search this time on clock movement measurement.  On the website, they have labeled pictures of clock movements and clock shafts with a brief explanation of how to measure the clock movement.  I got a measuring tape out and found out my clock has a  5/16 of inch maximum dial thickness.

Next I using search criteria on the same website I looked up clock movements with a 5/16 of an inch dial thickness. Only one came up and it plays chimes.   Back once more to the Internet and try as I might no website I found had a clock movement with a train sound. I could buy one that records sound but they are very expensive.

I thought over what is more important that the clock sound like a train or that it works again. I chose function over sound. So I ordered the 5/16 clock movement from

After  a couple of days the clock movement arrived. Through through trial and error I got the clock set and working right.  I realize this was a lot of work to keep a memory alive.  There are so many other memories I have of my grandfather that are better than of him winding a clock but for some reason this is one is one of the most precious ones I have.


Keeping a Wall Clock Memory Alive