Keeping “the Boat” Steady

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I remember years ago writing Me Poems about changes in myself whether personality, looks or something else.  I have always been cool about that as long as I do not “rock the boat.”  Silly really to have ever thought this since I like keeping the status quo.   Take work for instance, my family’s Internet business, I respect how My Mom ran the business.  When I took over in 2013, at my Dad’s insistence, I usually ran changes by him even though really his focus is on insurance. So when he would say use your best judgment I took that as a thumbs up and did just that. Other times my Dad wanted to give comments.

Recently My Dad and I have considered changing our Internet store’s platform and planned to talk to our web master about it.  A few weeks earlier he and I e-mailed back and forth about updates to the site and little changes I wanted made but now things became different.  This is a much, much bigger move. Before the web master’s number got dialed, I asked my Dad if our web master would be upset that we would be thinking as we are, he said no that he might just be good with it.

I thought to myself did I miss hear what my Dad said? Let me give you a little background.  My family and I have worked with this web master for nearly eighteen years and on the same platform.   There have been upgrades to it but within the last four years or so these have become further and further apart. I know something has to give and moving to another sales platform seems like the best thing to do.   Yet it would mean saying goodbye to someone we have worked with for years and years.

When my Dad and I finally began talking our web master  about our long relationship, the ups and downs of the business, and now needing to make bigger changes, it turned out my Dad was right, our web master is good with us making the changes we want to do. He totally understood our reasons for doing so and even said the new platform we are considering is really good and very accommodating to e-commerce needs.

This has gotten me thinking I can try not being hesitant about bigger decisions and be more confident that I can figure things out on my own with less need to prove my choice before implementing it.  I believe this is a good change for me and one where “the boat can still be steady” just not always follow the same course.


Keeping “the Boat” Steady