Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle from Columbia Pictures

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle
Image Courtesy of imdb.com
Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle
Image Courtesy of imdb.com

Jumanji Welcome to The Jungle follows the original 1995 twenty two years later.

The newer film opens in 1996 and a father out running on the beach comes across the board game. He thinks it is cool and brings it home to his son Alex.

The boy thinks it is lame and puts the board game aside because it is not interesting like video games. Then during the night the board game glows green thus transforming itself into a video game cartridge.

Intrigued the boy plugs in the cartridge into his game system and begins to play.

Fast forward twenty years and four high school students have to spend a Saturday in detention. They include nerd Spencer caught writing history paper for football player Fridge. Then there is beauty Bethany who gets in trouble for not shifting her gaze from her cellphone in class. Finally, there is brainy Martha who wants out of gym class.

The principal tasks them with getting items the school wants to unload ready for recycling. However, Spencer spots a TV, game system, and the Jumanji game cartridge and convinces the others to play with him.

Unlike the 1995 movie, the teens do not release the jungle into their hometown. Instead the game system pulls all four teens into the game and the world of the jungle itself.

And, the teens become instant adults but with their young minds. They have to learn to work together to break a curse on the jungle and find a missing piece.

A good two hours of fun!. The violence is never heavy and the potty jokes never go too far. And later this year the follow up The Next Level comes out in theaters.

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