Jim Eldridge Novel: Assassin a DCI Stark Mystery

Jim Eldridge has a new book series starring DCI Paul Stark, a WWI war hero, widower, father, and police officer in 1920s London.

When a prominent Cabinet member is shot once in the head and the chest, he is tasked with his partner DS Robert Danvers to solve the crime quickly.

High up officials do not want talks between Britain and Ireland threatened but one cabinet official Winston Churchill is certain the Bolsheviks are behind the murder.

At times the two partners get interference from Special Branch but otherwise they are able to make way into solving the murder and then a second one, very well.

I also got the sense Stark is bright, resourceful, and courageous, not flinching from a confrontation and more often than not diffusing it. Yet near the end of the novel, Stark not trust his ability and those of his fellow officers to protect King George V who is going to do a broadcast to the people of England.

I do not like the shift in Stark’s character given how the author portrayed him previously. The book is okay and I am hoping the second novel in this series Shadows of the Dead will have improvements. If not I will not continue with this series.

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A Jim Eldridge Novel: Assassins: A Detective Chief Inspector Stark Mystery