The Inspector Pekkala Series

Eye of the Red Tsar


Since I read The Eye of the Tsar, I have made a point to read  the Inspector Pekkala series by Paul Watkins writing as Sam Eastland. However, soon this series will end and it makes me very sad.  I really enjoy the series and the richness of Watkin’s story telling.

His main character, Pekkala was one of Russia’s most famous detectives and the favorite of Tsar Nicholas II.  Pekkala has a nickname, The Emerald Eye, not only because of his great ability as a detective but also from a pin he wears in the shape of an almond with an emerald at its center.

The Eye of the Tsar, introduces Pekkala who has been a prisoner in Siberia for many years. He lives an isolated existence  deep in the woods marking trees to cut down. His lonely and isolated existence ends when Stalin orders Pekkala’s return to investigate and learn who really murdered the last Tsar and his family as well as to their treasure.

If  Pekkala succeeds in his investigation, Stalin will grant him his freedom and a chance to re-unite with the woman he lost and still loves.  This book and the other six in the series go into great detail about Russian history, life back in the early 20th century to the 1940s, into Pekkala’s background and much more.

Each book builds off the last and adds further layers and details as well as making references to an earlier book and a major or minor plot.  I am close to finishing the sixth book, Red Icon and I will soon read the seventh and last book – Red Berlin.  

As I stated before I  enjoy this series very much and I will miss reading further investagtions by Pekkala and his fellow inspector Kirov, reading the details of the meals Kirov cooks for the inspector once a week, the past Pekkala can’t quite let go of, and on and on I could go.  There is just so much I admire about this series and I will greatly miss it.  To learn more about the series, the author, and history of Russia go to


The Inspector Pekkala Series