Inside Out (2015) Disney Film on Disney Plus

Inside Out (2015) Disney Film
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Inside Out (2015) Disney Film
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I am thankful to Disney+ for finally getting me stop making excuses and start watching some films I swore I would see the year they came out then I did not. Inside Out is one of those films.

The things I like about the film are the individual feelings being expressed as being their own person and the interactions they have with each other. Yes, they have to help pre-teen Riley function daily and more so with a move from Montana to California.

Also I was really into Lewis Black. I would watch whatever comedy specials I could find on Netflix and ate them up. When I heard Black would be anger I thought – perfect! I especially like a scene when the fire coming of his head melts a panel of glass in the control center.

Then there are the scenes where we get to see the emotions in Riley’s parents and in other people in the film. Part of me wanted Inside Out to be longer just to have a dive into these personalities. However, that would have been catering to adults which would not have been fair to kids.

Other things I found enjoyable in the film is the imaginary friend Bing Bong that Joy and Fear meet again, the studio scenes where Riely’s dreams are made; the Unicorn diva, and the thought train.

What I did not expect to happen watching this film happens near the end when Riley sits on a bus ready to head back Montana, I began to cry. Through me for a loop and by the time the credits came they stopped.

Inside Out was worth the wait. Better late than never.

Inside Out (2015) Disney Film on Disney+
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