In Plain Sight TV Mini Series

In Plain Site a TV Mini Series - image from

In Plain Site a TV Mini Series – image from

In Plain Site, a TV miniseries I watched on BritTV depicts the true story of Lanarkshire’s Detective William Muncie and his quest to bring killer Peter Manuel to justice.

Douglas Henshall to stars at Muncie I am familiar with from police/mystery series Shetland and as the narrator for S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection WWII a series I also reviewed on this blog.

At the start of the first of three episodes Manuel follows a young woman, traps her, and rapes her. He then forces her to stay with him for three hours before letting her go home.  She reports the rape first thing the next morning and later picks out Manuel in a line up.  He is brought to Court where he acts as his own lawyer and uses the hours he made the victim stay with him to win his freedom.

Manuel’s ability to think ahead and out with justice system and police continues in episode two and three.  However, Muncie knows he can outwit this dangerous criminal and he remains persistent to find some flaw that will permanently keep Manuel behind bars.

I really liked this three episode mini series.  It did not drag things out in the telling of these truth based events and kept my attention from beginning to end.   Henshall as Muncie is spot on and and Martin Compston (Line of Duty) is more than capable of portraying the chameleon that Manuel is going from sweet and charming to threatening and deadly in a bat of the eye. Lastly, the time this series runs will go quickly and before one knows it the credits are rolling. A solid program!

In Plain Sight TV Mini Series
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