The Impossible Box: Star Trek Picard Episode 6

The Impossible Box: Star Trek Picard Episode 6

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The Impossible Box: Star Trek Picard Episode 6
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The Impossible Box shows Soji having a dream. She is walking down the hallway of her home holding a stuffed toy. All Soji wants is to see her Father and know despite the storm outside, everything is okay. She gets to the door leading to his work space, hesitates and finally goes inside. But all she sees are orchids but then her Father notices her and Soji gets scared and wakes up.

It is from her dream that Narek gets the idea to take Soji to a special chamber for a Romulan meditation technique. As he tells his sister, Narissa, this will gain the information she wants: where did Maddox makes the synths.

Meanwhile board Cristobal Rios’s ship, he is kicking and doing tricks with a soccer ball when Dr. Agnes Jurati comes into the room. She feels eaten up inside over Bruce Maddox’s death and she wants Cristobal to comfort her which he does.

Then back on the former Borg cube, Soji calls her Mom to talk about her dream but she keeps falling asleep during the conversation. Once she wakes she scans personal items family pictures, drawings, toy and more to find out there age. All scans show they are 36 months old. This freaks Soji out and she turns to Narek to calm her and help her figure out the truth.

As this is happening, Picard asks Raffi to get him permission from Star Fleet for him to aboard the former Borg cube and she does. However, as much as Picard wants find Soji, the idea of being on the cube scares him because of his own assimilation by the Borg.

Luckily Hugh meets Picard, puts him at ease and lets him see how his team helps former Borg reclaim who they were.

Then while Hugh and Picard do this before finding Soji, Narek takes her to a chamber, He wants to walk her through a Romulan meditation technique and it works. Soji is able to tell him about the red moons she sees out a ceiling window and to get her to see what is beyond the orchids.

What Soji sees shocks her. On a metal table she sees herself in pieces and realizes she is really a humanoid synth. More shocking yet instead of Narek being a comfort, he makes his move to kill her. He leaves a special box on a pedestal. heads out of the chamber, and locks the door. Narek then watches with Romulan guards for Soji to die from the red poisonous gas coming out of the box. However, Soji, activates and punches through the floor and jumps down.

And she lands in a room where Picard and Hugh happen to be. Together they convince Soji to trust them and the three go to a hidden Borg queen room. In the room Hugh activates a portal that Picard and Soji escape through to reach Nepenthe where Riker and family live.

I really liked episode six. The action was great and the story lines gelled this time. I could relate to the fear Picard felt and the strength he needed from Hugh’s complete his mission to find Soji. And for once I found the Soji/Narek story line much better than earlier episodes. My only nit pick with episode six -the Jurati/Rios portion. It felt too short and unsatisfying. However, with four episodes left I hope Jurati gets a reckoning for killing Maddox.

The Impossible Box: Star Trek Picard Episode Six
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