Hulk: A Marvel Favorite Character of Mine

The Incredible Hulk Returns
The Incredible Hulk Returns
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The title of this post says it all I love Hulk and all his Dr. Jekyl/Hyde and Frankenstein wrapped into one. This love began with the series The Incredible Hulk with Ferrigno and Bixby.

Hulk comes out when Banner gets angry, stresses, feels danger or wants to make Banner go away. At first I would watch the transformation with squinted eyes.

Thankfully, my fear went away when Mr. Rogers did a 2 part episode that went behind the scenes of the show.

My all time favorite episode of the series – Prometheus (2 parts) is from Season Four. Banner gets stuck in a cave with a little girl he is helping. Not long after, he begins to turn into the Hulk but the transformation stops. (Thank you radioactive meteor just kidding)

My time watching the show came to an end after Banner learns there were/are other Hulks like himself. I did not like this direction at all.

I have saw Ang Lee’s disaster take on the character then Edward Norton’s version much better, and finally Mark Ruffalo in the role.

My problem with this Hulk began with Thor Ragnarök. Do not get me wrong the film is fun and light. Even with Odin dying and Hela arriving to scare the hell out of all of Asgard events. It is just the whole massive, green muscle child thing.

In Infinity War, the big green guy hides and Banner hates it.  Next, I think in Endgame,maybe Marvel will do Planet Hulk (my second favorite version_ meets the Professor.

Final thought, if the character is to continue in assemble movies, could Marvel please revise him by going back to his comic book roots or his 70s/90s roots Please!

Hulk: A Marvel Favorite Character of Mine

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