Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice

Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice
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A young boy Matrix Naovaratpong wishes for a sister. His parents Nareerat and Sahatorn think about it and they decide to have another child nick named Einz. Unfortunately her life is cut short at two years of age when she develops brain cancer.

Einz goes through treatment and surgery to no avail. However, during this time the father Sahatorn, who runs a laser factory in Thailand and who has a deep interest in science, decides two things to do one: research cancer and two: to research cryogenics.

After much research Sahatorn decides to not only go into cancer research but also to go ahead with cryogenics. He speaks with his wife, son and family hoping they will get on board with the idea.

Hope Frozen takes a look back at this time in the family’s life and their decision to preserve Einz brain and head then in the time after the cryogenics process on Einz has already taken place.

The Naovaratpong family is deep into the world of science and at the same time they are devote Buddists. And like his father Sahatorn, Matrix decides to go into scientific research in the hopes he can help his sister.

As his journey takes place he decides to stay at a Buddhist temple for two weeks to free his mind and heal. And afterwards Matrix continues his scientific journey and continuing to learn all he can including meeting with scientific experts just like his father did.

Hope Frozen does not delve in the ethics of the family’s choice instead it focuses on why the family did what they chose to do. And their wish to explore if their scientific hypothesis can be proven It is a journey the family feels has no time limit.

Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice
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