Hiyori Kon in Little Miss Sumo: a documentary film

Hiyori Kon:  Little Miss Sumo - documentary short 
image from imdb,com
Hiyori Kon: Little Miss Sumo – documentary short film
image from imdb,com

Little Miss Sumo focuses on 20-year-old Hiyori Kon, a female sumo wrestler in Taiwan who nears retirement from the sport she loves.   

Officials in the sport tell her and other female wrestlers they must stop wrestling at age 21. Plus, they can not turn professional. This is the opposite of male wrestlers who can turn professional and can continue in the sport well into their thirties.

In an early scene, Hiyori’s massage therapist tells her, female wrestlers really peak at age 26. Yet culture and tradition say she and other female wrestlers do not allow them to go further in the sport.

In this her last year, Hiyori wants to show the Taiwan her best in skill and wins. And through this again greater media attention combined with petitions, to make the strongest case she can to change the sumo wrestling culture.

Clearly, Hiyori wants to keep wrestling but if she has to stop then she wants to make the best effort she can to change the culture for future female sumo wrestlers.

I really like Hiyori Kon in Little Miss sumo. My only wish the film did not end at nineteen minutes. Because I would really to know if she can succeed in turning the tide in her sport.

Little Miss Sumo- a short documentary film on Netflix
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