Her Nightly Embrace

Her Nightly Embrace: Book 1 of The Ravi PI Series book cover image courtesy of Amazon.com




Her Nightly Embrace is the first book in the Ravi PI series set to become a TV show starring Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes and Heroes Reborn.

Ravi is a seminary drop out and former teacher who becomes a PI in a firm filled with quirky characters.  The predilections each of his co-workers has are not surprising nor are their areas of ability. One thing most of them have in common is not only do they want to resolve a case but most of them enjoy seeking revenge on their clients behalf.

The two co-workers who enjoy violence the most are two ex-cops who enjoy inflicting pain on bad guys and  a former PR person who enjoys enacting revenge for her clients as much or more than they do. None of these characters and others including a hacker with a conscious and the genius in the firm most like Ravi are bad only so- so interesting. I do give Tantimedh credit for giving these characters enough back story to avoid being side notes to Ravi.

Ravi like his co-workers has quirks of his own. He fixates on karma and morality;  he has visions of Hindu gods; shoulders paying off his mother’s gambling debts; the cost of his sister’s upcoming wedding; and frets about his father who is fighting cancer.  Plenty of main character baggage-check!

Her Nightly Embrace, is four stories that fit together. The first story is about an up and coming MP and possible next PM.  His deceased and much-loved ex girlfriend haunts him at night a la Ghostbusters.   The second story is about a popular female author being harassed on social media by another author and his fans. The third story is about a young woman unwilling to go along with the arranged marriage her parents have set up and the last a banker in danger.

This mystery book is very tongue-in-cheek and while the cases are very serious, Tantimedh, lightens each one’s tone considerably. However, none of the story lines have something that I have not read in a book or seen play out on TV show or in a movie before.  I did find Her Nightly Embrace, entertaining in some spots and I found the conclusions to each case satisfying just not enough to want to read book two or three.

Review of Her Nightly Embrace