Heath Hardage Lee’s The League of Wives

Heath Hardage Lee’s
The League of Wives
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Heath Hardage Lee’s book tells the true story of military wives who fought the US government to change how they dealt with prisoners of war and the missing.

Initially these women keep silent believing if they speak out it would hurt the government’s negotiations with Vietnam. However, as the days turned into weeks and months into years, these women became increasing frustrated with the Johnson administration.

Eventually, these women and other family members combine their efforts and form groups across the country. They lobby influential businessmen like Ross Perot and Senators like Bob Dole, a war veteran, to change Washington’s attitude toward military prisoners and the missing.

They would go to Geneva, Switzerland and to Vietnam demanding government officials hear them out and take action. In many instances the trips did not bear fruit. The women kept trying again and again until finally with media help the tide began to turn.

The Johnson and later the Nixon administration began to take these women and their families seriously. And, they kept up the pressure till Vietnam agreed to release prisoners of war and to give information on the missing.

Without the efforts of these wives and other family members the information about prisoners of war and the missing may still be a secret today.

Lee’s research and detail are rich and I highly recommend this book to others to read.

Health Hardage Lee’s The League of Wives
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