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“Health And Medical Insurance Concept”
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Health insurance, I think of it as a privileged and I like having it.

Eighteen years ago, nineteen come this Halloween,  I  almost fell down some stairs. I avoided doing so because I twisted to my right and grabbed the railing with both hands to stop my fall. In the weeks and months to follow I came to realize this accident meant my back and the nerves in my body wouldn’t be the same.

I also know I have the label of having a pre-existing condition.  I can get insurance but it would be more expensive because I’d have only one maybe two options available to me.  At the time of my accident, at nineteen years of age, I was on my Dad’s insurance provided by his employer.  At age 26 I went on Cobra, very costly – almost $900 a month premium not including the co-payments and deductibles.

After being on Cobra for over a year I went on an Indiana plan costing a smidgen over $500 a month not including co-payments and deductibles.   Fast forward the ACA becomes law.  I signed up with a premium cost around $200 and the co-payments and deductibles brought it up some but still less than what I paid for my earlier insurance plans.

Once I became an insurance agent, my salary went down a lot and as a fledging new career I expected it.  Because of how much it went down I no longer qualified for the ACA but I did qualify for HIP 2.0, a plan Indiana created when legislatures expanded the state’s Medicaid program.

My Dad found all my earlier insurance plans for me and I am thankful to him for it.  He’d also remind me each time I signed up for new insurance that it is better to have some form of insurance verse nothing at all.  I have agreed with this statement but now I hesitate knowing there will be a day either this year or next year when I no longer qualify for HIP 2.0.  I’d feel better about this future event if the House and Senate legislation didn’t make me so nervous. All I can do is wait and see if legislation passes, do the calculations of what it may cost, and then make my decision.




Health Insurance