Harlan Coben’s The Five: A BBC Crime Drama

Harlan Coben's The Five: A BBC Crime Drama

Harlan Coben’s The Five 
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New Jersey novelist, Harlan Coben moved to doing a drama series with the BBC that first aired in April of this year called “The Five.” This series is now available on Netflix’s Online streaming service.  I found the series there, read the description, chose to watch all 10 episodes.

“The Five” focuses on four childhood friends: Pru, Slade, Danny and Mark who one day go into the woods with Mark’s younger brother Jessie and that’s the last they see of him.  Fast forward twenty years Danny, now a detective, arrives at a motel to investigate a woman’s murder.  Blood is tested from the crime scene and some of it comes back as a match for Mark’s missing brother Jessie.

The shocking discovery brings Mark (a lawyer), Pru (a doctor), Slade (who runs a shelter for at risk youth), and Danny back together again.  This time the four friends come together to find out if Jessie really is a murder victim, alive or if he has become a perpetrator.

As the series unfold, the viewer learns about the four childhood friends’ bond, about the circumstances of Jessie’s disappearance, the impact on them, Mark and his parents, and about a convicted child killer who claims he murdered Jessie twenty years ago.  There is also another plot involving a former child musician and a group of captive women that unfolds along with the main plot.

The cast, the chemistry they have, and the acting they do with and off each other propels the series and keeps it gripping for most of the 10 episodes.  It slows a little toward the end and then regains the strength from the first few episodes as it reaches a heart pounding climax and ending.

“The Five” may continue with another season tentatively titled “The Four.”


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