Guardians of the Galaxy Films: Both on Disney+

Guardians of the Galaxy Films: Both on Disney+
Guardians of the Galaxy
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Guardians of the Galaxy is the fourth MCU film I caught on Disney+ and a few days later I saw the second film.

I could not get the smile off my face when Quill went on a stormy planet all cool and collected; dancing his way to stealing a metal orb so he can get a big load of credits for it.

I also like the fact John C. Reilly’s character us more about Quill, let us know who Rocket, Gamora, and Groot are. Not long after we meet Dax the Destroyer. I really like the make up on Dave Batista

And I really like prison tower having a dual purpose as space craft. Okay so the prison bots help make it happen but it is still very cool.

But the good feelings of being free dissipate when they must stave off Ronan the Accuser who badly wants the orb. And in the process of first finding out what makes the orb special and then deciding to take the dangerous orb (Infinity stone tuck inside) to the Nova Corp – the team finds themselves having to save the Galaxy.

It’s a good film but not nearly as enjoyable as the second film.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
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Yes, it is super cool to see Quill being able to handle the the power of the Infinity stone and toast Ronan. Then he hears from the head of Nova Corp that he is not 100% human.

However, I still felt better vibes about the second film. I thought the de-aging of Kurt Russell is spot on. Also I like seeing Quill’s mother in good health and her joy singing songs and being in love with her own space man.

Other aspects of the film I like include Sylvester Stallone’s role and Baby Groot dancing even as a battle goes on around him. The whole film is really good and I will wait patiently for the third film.

Guardians of the Galaxy- Both films are on Disney+
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