Gods of Gold: A Det. Insp. Hardy Mystery

Gods of Gold: A Detective Inspector Tom Hardy Mystery

Gods of Gold . a Detective Inspector Tom Hardy Mystery


Chris Nickson author of the Richard Nottingham series, beings a new series also set Leeds, with Gods of Gold. It features Detective Inspector Tom Hardy who  is about to marry Annabelle, a hard-working business woman who rose up from humble beginnings as a maid. While he wishes for mundane police work till after he weds in a few weeks time, it doesn’t happen.

The gas workers  are on strike and factories and businesses close bringing Leeds to a standstill. His superintendent and mentor, Kendall wants Hardy and his fellow officers to make sure replacement workers stay safe but more urgent matters pull Hardy away from this task.

A fellow constable and friend of Hardy’s insists a girl named Martha has gone missing and her father’s claim of sending her to an aunt while her mother is in prison are untrue. But just as Hardy’s search for Martha starts,  it halts when Hardy must investigate a replacement gas worker’s murder.

I enjoyed Gods of Gold  and I find to Hardy, Reed, and Annabelle endearing. The only fault I found with Gods of Gold are the transitions between Hardy and Reed. For example early in the book I thought Reed, Hardy’s partner, was deaf in one ear when it was really Hardy, Nickson was referring to,  I didn’t catch my mistake until I reached the next page. Other than this, it was a well done story and I plan to begin the second book in the Hardy series Two Bronze Pennies soon.




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