Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Business professionals getting out of their comfort zone
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This year my Dad kindly told me to get out of the office and meet other professionals in the insurance and health care world.

He said not all insurance agents sell to the senior market so it is important to know who sells insurance products we do not.

Further, clients ask do you know a disability lawyer or one who can help me get on Medicaid? My Dad said without forming new business relationships we can’t make these types of referrals.

So in January I became a member of the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and joined Network Today International. Both groups have easy attendance standards plus they do not require weekly online education & referrals to fellow members. Instead I can do both at my leisure or on a case by case basis. I still prefer being in the office. However, I do have to admit getting out now and again is nice.

I still get nervous yet when I do successfully get out of my comfort zone I must admit it can feel pretty good!

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

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