Friendship:Lincoln Trip

Image courtesy of Peter Griffin and found on

Image of Lincoln courtesy of Peter Griffin
and found on


Dear Liam,

You’re right I am SO looking forward to my trip.  These last few weeks have been hectic!   It will feel great to visit Springfield and re-experience all things Lincoln.   Among the things I will do is visit a natural history museum and a house that belonged to an artist and poet, neither of which I think I have seen before on my past visits to the city. One of the places I am itching to see again is the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  I was on the website recently and there is a hologram show, I just have to see.

The important part  of this trip is having my sneakers.  The last time I went I only packed clogs and boy did I regret it.  I got the biggest blisters I have ever had in my life.  It also did not help that trolley service had stopped for the summer.  This time I won’t take any chances if it is the same way again.

I will be writing postcards on my trip and mailing them off to friends and family.  Please check your mail box for yours.

Thanks for the movie recommendation, Liam.  I will look for Mr. Holmes at my library and if it is available I will watch it before my trip. I already planned a visit to pick up several paperbacks to read while I am traveling by train from Indianapolis to  Bloomington, Illinois, and finally a second  and last train that will take me to Springfield.

You know me nothing beats train travel if it is available. It is preferable to a  long, tedious, and often boring car drive and it costs far less than going by plane.

All the best,