Friendship: New Cat

"Cat with Blue Eyes" courtesy of Anna Langova and

“Cat with Blue Eyes” courtesy of Anna Langova and

Dear Bonnie,

I easily pictured in my mind what the kittens got up to in your sister’s condo. It made me laugh!

Thanks for the snap shots of your vacation. I enjoyed seeing where you have been.

Good news! I caught up at work.  In two weeks I will be at the beach house.  I  plan to take things easy except for my brisk walk in the morning.

Speaking of walks, my brother changed his tune and is taking long walks around his neighborhood.  His wife got him a pedometer that he has become addicted to. He does not take it off his wrist.

The changes in my diet are paying off. I lost a few pounds.  I will not know how much my weight went down till I see my doctor next month.  I donated my scale to the recycling center trading post to avoid stress.

Oh I almost forgot! I adopted a second cat from my local shelter.  His name is Old Blue Eyes after my favorite singer Frank Sinatra.   Ginger is not sure what to make of him yet but I am sure she will come around by the time we leave for the beach house.

Take care,





The End.