Friendship: Dear Bonnie

Friendship: Dear Bonnie

Image Courtesy of George Hodan


Dear Bonnie,

Gee whiz you made me all misty eyed!

The feeling is mutual of course.  And yes we WILL go another fifteen years and beyond that.  Easily!

My sister and her husband, who as you know came for my birthday, are staying on for Mom’s birthday this coming Sunday. We’re planning to take Mom to lunch and then to a concert at a nearby park. They will then make the drive back to St. Louis early evening.

I have a gift picked out, sketch pads and colored pencils. Mom has been itching for new supplies.  However, I have yet to buy a card and I better hurry!  Things have been so hectic for me. I have plenty of complicated returns left over from April to complete for various businesses and local clients that I got extensions for through to the second week of October.

I bet you are more than ready for your summer vacation to the Springfield, Illinois! Especially after the hectic month you had getting ready for the graduation classes at both high schools. I admit I wish I were tagging along with you, Bonnie but I need to get several more returns done before I can even consider booking a couple of weeks at the beach house.

Oh one last thing I saw the Sherlock Holmes film with Ian McKellen.   The film is about a 93-year-old Holmes who is struggling to remember his last case before he dies.  The child of his house keeper, whom he is friends with,  provides the impetus to remember.   It was really good, you should see it if your library has it.  I think you will enjoy it like I did.

All the best,