Friendship: Kittens & Their Antics

"Playing Kittens" Image courtesy of Mick Lissone and

“Playing Kittens”
Image courtesy of Mick Lissone and


Dear Liam,

I think it is very admirable of you to encourage your brother by changing your eating and life style habits with him.   I know from when I had to change my diet because of diabetes, it was tough but eventually it got easier and easier.  Now it is second nature.  So too are the aerobic exercises I do. If you ever need a little encouragement let me know, I can give it to you.

Victoria, Zorro, and the kittens have left the vet’s care and are now taking over my sister’s condo!  She sent me an e-mail to say the kittens are not staying put in her living room  where she has a large basket set up for them.

My sister has seen a butter scotch colored kitten trying to get into the refrigerator when she had it open to take something out! And another time she was about to turn on the faucet to fill her bathtub and there was Zorro’s mini twin sleeping in the tub! And these are just the most daring instances my sister has witnessed.

My sister plans to resolve this issue by getting an indoor playpen to corral the kittens at specific times. (She very much does not want to chase the kittens all over the condo all the time!) I like her idea so much that when I pick up my cat family to bring home, I will ask if she will let me buy the playpen from her.

I have attached new photos for you to see to this e-mail.  Today I visited the block where Lincoln and his family resided when he was a lawyer and state senator.  The home is now a museum along with a few homes that belong to their neighbor’s.  One home across the street I found out is the office for the Illinois based staff of  Senator Dick Durben.   And other homes on the same side of the street have become offices for the park’s service.

More tomorrow on the sites I am seeing, photos too!


All the best,