Friendship: Changes

Walking the Dog Courtesy of Darren Lewis and

Walking the Dog Courtesy of Darren Lewis and


Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for the kind words,  I really appreciated them.

My brother came home from the hospital on Saturday and is trying to adjust to his new diet that does not include simple starches, salt and fatty foods.

His whole life he has disliked eating fruit and vegetables. For a time he got way with passing the latter to the family dog. Our mother and father of course caught on to what he was up to and put a stop to what he was doing.  He then turned to making a grumpy face to show is disapproval and disgust at having to eat food he did not like.  My brother is making a grumpy face again, the same one I saw as a kid!

On a more serious note I know he is aware he has to make these changes in his diet and I think with his wife’s encouragement he will.   Unfortunately after his release from the hospital he skipped taking a walk outside both Saturday and Sunday.  I sent him a picture of me this morning taking a stroll and hope it encourages him to get up and get outdoors.

Yes, I took a stroll! I decided after what happened to my brother that I would start exercising myself.  I know it would certainly do me good,to lose a good ten pounds around my midsection.   Plus I think if I show my brother that I have taken to heart what happened to him and making changes myself, it may just motivate him.

I have not made dietary changes yet, I am waiting to meet with my doctor to discuss it. The appointment is next Wednesday.  I already know one thing he will tell me, stop eating food for comfort!  This is something I have done since I was a boy and faced anything that was very stressful.  It will be hard to teach myself self-control when it comes to eating.  I think I can do this as long as I remember I am not only doing this to help my brother but myself too.


Your friend,



P.S. I enjoyed the video of the kittens.  Please give my congratulations to Victoria and Zorro on their new family for me.  And it was good to see the parade photos. Please send more pictures if you can of the places you are seeing.


Friendship: Changes