Friendship: New Kittens and a Parade

Image of a parade courtesy of Peter Griffin and found on

Image of a parade courtesy of Peter Griffin and found on

Dear Liam,

I am sorry to read about your brother. My thoughts and prayers are with him,  you and the rest of your family.   I can understand the shock you all are in to find out about a hidden illness.   While this is not much at least the TIAs are known about now and changes can be made to hopefully prevent others in the future.

Maybe this will cheer you up a bit.  My sister e-mailed a video recorded at the vet’s office. Victoria and Zorro’s kittens were born overnight! There are two out of the six are copies of their parents. One is a Tuxedo kitten and the other has dark brown almost black fur.   The adorable factor is high!  It is good to see all the kittens are interacting playfully with each other when not clamoring for milk from their mother.

I have attached the video to this e-mail so you can see it. I also attached a few photos from a parade that I watched in front of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  I had no idea one was going to take place until I was approaching the museum and saw fire trucks, school kids, local business trucks and so forth lining up along a nearby street.

I decided to hold off going into the library and museum until the parade was over.  So after about half an hour there were plenty of people like me on the sidewalks on either side of the street ready to watch the parade.  It soon started a few minutes later and boy did it bring back memories of past parades.  I felt like I should never have stopped watching them except for the Thanksgiving Day Parade that airs on TV.  I guess that is the only one I feel am not too old to see.  Then again there is never a time one is too old for a parade!

I hope the video and the pictures I have attached to this e-mail help lift your spirits a bit.

Take care,