Formula 1 Drive to Survive: Netflix S 1 & 2

Formula 1: Drive to Survive Netflix
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When I was a small kid I would tune into Indy 500 on the TV in my New Jersey home. My favorite driver – Mario Andretti because of his ability to control the race car, to pass other drivers, avoid crashes and stay toward the front of the pack. It did not hurt either that he is Italian although I am not nearly as much as him.

I have in the years since on and off go back and tune into car racing. However, it does have it’s dull moments because of hours of laps until the race ends. However, this does not stop me from watching races. I just choose a program like Formula 1: Drive to Survive that airs on Netflix to get my racing fix.

It condenses the races down and fills in around it to let the viewers get to know the drivers, the team they are on, and the head honchos of them. This mix makes it feel to me less like a lengthy information and more like a docu series.

I zipped through both seasons and I look forward to the time when the new season sticker pops up on Netflix.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive S 1 & 2 Netflix
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