Felix Francis: Crisis – A Dick Francis Novel

Felix Francis latest Crisis adds a new character to the racing world first created by his father with, Harrison Foster,  a crisis manager for a London firm.  

Harrison’s employer requests he go to Newmarket and see the Chadwick family, who has trained and raced horses for decades.  A fire has occurred in one of their stable building that housed  a very valuable horse belonging to a Sheikh and a Derby favorite. 

It is up to Foster to find out why the horse and a few others also belonging to the Sheikh perished.   Initially the Chadwicks to do want to help in Harrison’s investigation even if he has the Sheikh’s backing.     

Harrison uncovers things even if it is almost like pulling teeth but not everything is so bad.  The investigator has found love and is finding out perhaps he may just marry someone after all.

This is not my first book I have read by this author as I stated at the beginning of the review.  I first came to know of Dick Francis from Reader’s Digest Condensed books then I chose to get the full novels from my local library.  Every time I would open a new novel, I got pulled right in and felt I was tagging along with the hero and before I knew it I would be at the last page.    

I really appreciate Felix continuing his father’s work.   He does an excellent job of world building, creating excitement, thrills, and chills.  

Felix Francis: Crisis – A Dick Francis Novel
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