Episode 9: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1 Star Trek Picard

Episode 9: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1 Star Trek Picard
Episode 9: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1
Star Trek Picard
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Episode 9 of Star Trek Picard has the crew thinking they have finally evaded Narek and the other Romulans but it is short lived. His ship appears and battle begins. Then suddenly giant orchids rise up from Soji’s home world, Coppelius. They grab Rios’s ship, Narek’s scout ship, and the Borg cube and force them down through the planet’s atmosphere – crashing them against the surface. (The Borg cube came the same time as Narek did through the same trans warp conduit as Rios’s ship.

Picard and the others find out Seven, Elnor and the rest of the former Borg alive and beginning repairs. Afterwards Picard Rios, Jurati, Rafi, Elnor, and Soji trek to find the rest of her people.

When they reach the compound they find an almost utopia atmosphere and are welcomed. Picard and the others also find out that there are far more synths than humans. In fact here is only one human among the synths and he looks eerily like Data only much older. He is Dr. Altan Inigo Soong, son of Dr. Noonian Soong, who helped create Data.

The viewer also meets another version of Soji but with golden skin and yellow gold eyes. Her name is Sutra and she was the sister to Jana who Rios knew. She is very familiar with Vulcan culture and knows how to do a mind meld. Sutra performs it on Jurati to see the apocalyptic vision that set off the danger to all synthetics.

Meantime Narek has been captured and is in captivity but it does not last. He initially tries for sympathy and wound care but it does not work. The tide turns for him when his guard synth named Saga has been murdered with her own brooch by Sutra. It seems the mind meld has turned Sutra or she already was becoming bad.

She takes this opportunity to turn the rest of her brethren and Dr. Soong to saving themselves and locking up Picard and the others except for Jurati. Soong wants her to continue to help him in his work to create a synth he can transfer his consciousness to.

And so the episode ends. I have mixed feelings about the first part of episode 9.

I thought the huge orchids that act as defense mechanisms weird yet very cool. Although in the act of grabbing enemy ships to crash them to the surface of planet, means they die and there are not many.

And Soong and Sutra do mention they know about the threat and have for some time. As a viewer I would think they would built up their defenses and still be doing so.

I also think it is quick for Picard and the others to go from being welcome to being a danger. It felt sloppy in the episode for things to change the way they did including with Sutra wanting to help Narek escape.

Did she think the others including Soong were not up to snuff to protect each other and take care of the danger? Or did she plot with the Romulans to rid the weaker of her kind?

In my mind part two has a lot to answer and make up for to be a strong ending to the season.

Episode 9: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1: Star Trek Picard
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