The Entire Titans Season 1 Binge on DC Universe

The Entire Titans Season 1 Binge
The Entire Titans Season 1 Binge
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Two days to watch the entire first season of Titans. Oh boy!

Appearing in Titans: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven , Hank Hall (Hawk), Dawn Granger (Dove) and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl).

Grayson is very different from the 2003 version of him in Teen Titans who desires to be a leader like Batman. Here he is an adult who dislikes himself for liking to beat and kill others in the name of defending the innocent.

Nor does he allow his fellow officers in the Traverse City Police Department to get to close to him. This begins to shift when Raven comes into his life. Grayson goes all out to protect her and he is not the only one.

Next we have Starfire. She is an adult who has no memory of who she is or how she is able to shoot fire from her body. Still Starfire accepts this and protects Raven with all her might.

Beast Boy is the third hero to meet Raven. He develops a crush on her and vise versa. Unlike other depictions of him, in Titans he can only turn into a tiger and his hair is green in his human form.

Throughout the season it has been odd seeing Dick as a boy alone in the Wayne Manor. This repeats until episode 11 when we see Batman and Joker. Yes, we do get to hear Dick talk to Alfred on his cell phone but that is not the same.

The show fleshes out the apostles going after Raven well. I wish we got the same for her mother instead of going fast to getting Raven to bring her father to Earth. However, it does make sense what happens to Dick and why. For this reason I will see how he breaks free in season two. Of what my lips are sealed.

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