Elly Griffiths’s The Stone Circle: A Ruth Galloway Book

The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths

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The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths
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Elly Griffiths next book in the Ruth Galloway mystery series is Stone Circle. It hints at the first book when DCI Nelson first asked for archaeologist and college professor Ruth Galloway’s help.

Back then bones of a girl are found near a pre-historic henge on the north Norfolk Coast. DCI Nelson needs to know if the bones are ancient or modern. And just it so happen this henge is where Ruth is working with fellow archaeologist Erik Anderssen.

Fast forward many years and Erik’s son has his own pre-historic find but along with it are bones that appear more modern. It is not long before DCI Nelson gets word from forensics that the body belongs to a girl who went missing at time of Charles and Diana’s wedding.

At the same time DCI Nelson and Ruth receive letters that are eerily like the ones both got at the time they first met.

Could Erik’s son be re-creating his father’s murders? Or is something else a foot?

While investigating this case, DCI Nelson’s wife Michelle gives birth to a son and a young woman she becomes friend’s with Star has a baby girl, Ava taken away while Star sleeps.

The mystery does not rehash all of the first book’s case instead it tells what took place when the girl went missing and events following it. And the possible connection of Ava’s kidnapping to the missing girl, who is her great aunt.

One thing I did not like was Maddie, a journalist, who insisst the missing girl’s death relates to Scarlet. I thought to be a weak point of the book since Griffiths’ hardly explores it. Otherwise I think Stone Circle is really good and has a gripping story.

Elly Griffiths’s Stone Circle – a Ruth Galloway Mystery Series Book
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