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Dungeons and Dragons
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A few weeks ago while listening to John Campea ( He talks about television and films five or six days a week on on You-tube) mentions playing D&D with is wife.

I thought given how long the online hidden object game I play is taking to update, this is a good time to get back into D&D. (My ex-husband and his friends let me play with them in the mid 2000s.)

It’s neat to create a character with a specific skill set, abilities and more. Then joining with other people and their characters makes it even better when on an adventure. 

I got into the game through my ex-husband and his friends. For several months we went on epic adventures. We would face imps, mimics, gelatinous cubes as well as fire, lava, floods, dark magic, ghosts, and much more to either get a treasure, a cure for people in a village,or to stop a threat.

Within minutes online, I found a PDF copy of 5E and began to read. Next,  I took a look at videos, found a beginner’s group on Facebook, and chose to join Discord where I found a D&D group.

In the first game my character got injured by an imp. The next game the group laughs about the bad things behind four castle doors. There is fire, gas , and two monsters. The smallest character hides in a backpack. The jokes made about the situations got me laughing a lot.

The online game is loads of fun too. It is not perfect. One I time chose an adventure on a higher level than my character is on. And another day I found out I lack gems to get a shard to finish an optional task. Still I like being able to do both and I get a lot out of it.

Dungeons and Dragons: Online Game and Discord
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