Dublin Murders: New Crime Drama Series on Starz

Dublin Murders: New Crime Drama on Strarz

Image from imdb.com
Dublin Murders: New Crime Drama on Starz
Image from imdb.com

Dublin Murders, a new crime drama series on Starz, takes inspiration from the Tana French series the Dublin Murder Squad.

The first episode introduces the viewer to detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox who have a close bond on and off the job. When they get a new case, Cassie tells Rob they can begin it but they cannot keep it. Why soon becomes clear with flash backs between a 1985 case and their current case both set in the same forest.

In 1985, two boys and a girl ride bikes to the woods. Two of them get ahead of the second boy leaving him alone. He calls out their names but no reply reaches him. Hours later the police fill the woods looking for the three kids.

They only find one child,a boy, hugging a tree, his shirt ripped in the back and his shoes blood soaked. When a doctor examines him at the hospital, no wounds are found.

Later the boy’s parents reveal his name, Adam and they ask if he knows what happened to his friends, but he remembers nothing much to the dismay and frustration of other parents.

They hound Adam and his parents to the point that they decide he must go to boarding school. It is here that the viewer learns Adam is now Rob. Now it makes sense why Cassie said what she did. She wants to keep him safe but as the episode unfolds, I doubt Cassie gets her wish. And, just having seen this first episode and how good I felt as it unfolded, I will definitely return for more.

Dublin Murders: A New Crime Drama on Starz
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