Dory and Hastings: Two Adopted Siblings

Dory and Hastings checking out the water bowl and an empty good bowl.

Dory (right) and Hastings (left) checking out a water bowl and an empty food bowl. They both ate earlier with Dory emptying her bowl.


My cat Dory took her time adjusting to a new home after leaving the town shelter back in July.   She has over two months adjusted quite well but there were times at night when she would made a yowl sound; longing for a buddy.

It felt like the time she first entered our house and Dory went around and around trying to find my earlier cat Celia who sadly has passed on. I felt hesitant to have a second cat.  Celia did not care to be around other cats and let Snickelfritz, who belonged to my parents’ know this.

My mind slowly changed  and the deal to adopt a second cat got sealed when I saw Dory get along with my West Palm Beach AirBnB hosts’ cat over the ten days we stayed there.

The day after our return to Bloomington on August 30th I made a return to the local shelter. I cuddled three cats and a fourth tried hard to persuade me he was the one.  However, myself or the cat felt the match wasn’t to be.  Eventually I went to see a stocky black and white male listed as a manx,  I do not know if this is accurate or not what I can write hands down this stocky boy is adorable.

He began to purr deeply and loudly.  Eventually the cat put his nose in the crook of my elbow but I felt I needed more time.  After more consideration, I came to agree with him.

His shelter name TipToe became Hastings in honor of Arthur Hastings a character Agatha Christie created detective, Hercule Poirot’s trusted friend.

We got home and I put him in my guest room where he went under the bed.  I shut the door behind me so Dory could not see him and got a bowl of food, water, a litter box, a scratching post and toys for him.  As I did I kept Dory from getting a peak at Hastings.

Dory’s interest kept growing and so did Hasting’s.  By the time the three-hour mark came, I chose to let them see each other for the first time.  No hissing or hitting took place and on the second day lots of sniffing of rears and noses happened.

Hastings and Dory continue to adjust and they become more comfortable with each other with each passing day.   Best of all neither feels as lonely as they had and that brings great joy to my heart.

Dory and Hastings: Two Adopted Siblings
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