Doom Patrol: A DC Universe Series

Doom Patrol: A DC Universe Series
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Doom Patrol hooked me in ways that the Umbrella Academy did not. The first episode begins with Alan Tudyck’s (Serenity) Erik Morden going to see Von Fuchs, a Nazi scientist hiding in South America, who offers super hero enhancements at a hefty price.

Morden also acts as the narrator of the series and a favorite line from the first episode is when he says and I paraphrase, “If I had known before hand what Fuchs was going to do me, I would have paid double for it.”

He then introduces the viewer to the reluctant people Niles Caulder aka the Chief (Timothy Dalton) choses to help.

The first hero is Cliff Steal aka Robot Man (a very competitive race car driver to dies in horrific crash in the late 1980s. Only to come to in 1995 to find himself in a robot body.

Next, there is Rita Farr ( Elasti Girl) an actress who falls through a pier walkway while filming in Africa. While she is under water a green mist enters her mouth. This mist causes Rita to lose her shape and become a blob when she gets nervous.

The third hero, pilot Larry Trainor (Negative Man) gets knocked out by a strong energy force and jet crashes back down on Earth; bursting into flames on impact.

Miraculously Trainor survives but at a heavy price. Not only does he suffer severe burns but he also becomes radioactive. Special bandages and clothing he wears keeps him from harming others.

And the fourth hero is Crazy Jane, a young woman with 64 different personalities and super powers.

The strong open, the humor, the breaking of the 4th wall, and more make me want to keep tuning into this series.

The Doom Patrol: A DC Universe Series
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