Defying Nature: No Going Home




Marcos is awoken by a gentle shake of his shoulder.  His eyes shoot open and he is about to renew his pleas from before when he remembers he is no longer tied to the bed.  Marcos looks up to see who has awoken him and smiles at the sight of his uncle Nikias.

“Are you to take me to mama and papa?” Marcos asks with hope in his voice.

Although this was expected, it breaks Nikia’s heart to hear his nephew ask this question. “I am afraid not instead you are to travel with me to your new home.”

“You did tell mama and papa that I am not bad, that I am still a good boy?”

“I did yes,” his uncle replies.

“Then why can I not go home? Why must I go to this new home?”

“I wish I could explain it to you Marcos … suffice to say you will be in the care of the church going forward.” He cannot bear to tell his nephew the truth  that his father would rather believe him dead than alive.  Nor can he tell the boy that his mother is in an asylum.

“What if you brought me to mama and papa – I could show them I am a good boy then I would not have to go into the church’s care,” pleads Marcos, his voice full of distress.

“I wish it were that easy…I really do but I am afraid you can not go home again.”

Within moments the boy’s face crumbles. His eyes fill with tears that spill down his cheeks and it is not long before his nose runs.  Nikias sits down near his nephew and reaches for a handkerchief that lies on a table. He unfolds it then wipes his nephew’s nose clean before pulling the crying boy to his chest.







Defying Nature: No Going Home