Defying Nature: Miracle

"Hold Bright Opportunity In The Dark Image courtesy of Keerati at

“Hold Bright Opportunity In The Dark
Image courtesy of Keerati at


Nikias sits to the left of his nephew in a carriage taking them to the church’s orphanage nearly three hundred miles away.  The boy leans into his uncle’s body as he sleeps a deep slumber.  Nikias wishes he could make like his nephew and rest as well. But for days now questions have not stopped swirling in his head, that have prevented him from sleeping, and all of them concern his nephew.

Days earlier

It has been an hour since Marcos’s restraints were removed.  Nikias watches as a doctor examines his nephew listening to his chest with his stethoscope, and peering into his eyes with light from a candle, all while gently asking the boy questions about his health. A few more minutes pass and then the doctor pats Marcos on the shoulder before stepping away from the bed.  The doctor comes up to Nikias to speak with him.

“You said your nephew has suffered from consumption for well over a year, is that correct?”

“Yes, Dr. Floros who used to treat Marcos told my brother and his wife there was nothing more he could do for him and to make the most of their time left with their son.”

“When was this?”

“It was a month or so ago.”

The doctor hesitates for a few seconds before speaking again, “I did speak with Dr. Floros’s assistant before I came since the good doctor was not available himself.  He told me as you just have that the boy is dying. Yet since your nephew has been here you nor Reverend Father Alexis has witnessed the boy struggling once with consumption instead he presents as healthy.”

“That is so, do you have any idea why? It makes no sense.”

“My only guess is a miracle occurred as your nephew no longer shows signs of having consumption.”

“A miracle happened to my nephew, that is what you believe?”

“Yes, I do believe a miracle has occurred. Although at the stage your nephew reached in the disease it shouldn’t have been possible and yet it has happened.”