Defying Nature: Marika

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How could she have been so wrong about Marcos?  When she met him, he seemed liked just the kind of  man she wanted to get to know more.  He appeared honest, very intelligent, well-educated, and a respected doctor not to mention quite handsome.  After their second meeting, she made discreet inquiries through her father, also a doctor, to check out Marcos. She needed to know he was all she thought he was.  Within days her father told her gave her the confirmation she needed and recommended she keep seeing Marcos and her mother agreed, so Marika did.  About a year later he proposed marriage and she accepted. 

Another year went by and the two married with a grand wedding.  Nothing prepared her for what would happen three years later. Her first pregnancy  started with mild nausea and dizziness, both symptoms she knew her mother and her elder sister had so she was not concerned than other symptoms appeared severe headaches, shortness of breath, edema, and she had trouble relieving herself in the water closet.

Marcos, of course tried to help but then he got unusually quiet the more he considered her symptoms. She begged him to share his concerns about what maybe wrong with her but he refused only saying he was going to have a pediatrician, a Dr. Munro, come to the house.  He came and after examining her diagnosed her with Preeclampsia.  She was given medication to lower her blood pressure, told to take a small dose of chloroform to help her breath every few hours, and ordered to bed for the rest of her pregnancy.  It was vital, Dr. Munro stressed because the only way the Preeclampsia would end would be after the baby’s birth until then she had to follow doctor orders.  They did so, they even hired a live in nurse.

Nothing absolutely nothing gave Marika even the faintest hint that she did not know her husband after all.

A bright, welcoming light embraced her and appearing out of it ahead of her, her dear Grandma Ma Alexandra who died when she was eight years old.  Although their relationship was short, the special bond they had surpassed death. Marika smiled broadly and then she saw the great worry in her grandmother’s face as she took a hold of her granddaughter by the shoulders.

“What is wrong…”

“Hush my dear, listen there is not much time.”

” I do not under…”

” Please Marika listen, stressed her grandmother more forcefully.  My child you belong here in eternity but dark forces are going to pull you back to life. It is of utmost importance your being is not joined to another, it defies nature!”

“I do not understand how could I possibly be forced back to life if God means for me to go back? He must feel I am not meant to die after all and that Marcos and our new-born son need me.

“That is not the case at all,  dark forces want you to return to life, called by your husband Marcos. ”

“Marcos? Dark forces, that is not possible he is the most gentle…”

Suddenly Marika finds herself being yanked out her grandmother’s embrace by a force like nothing she has ever felt.  Her arms stretch out trying to reach for her grandmother unable to she closes her eyes and begins to pray with all her might.  Just as a comprehensible pain grips her and darkness embraces her, she hears her grandmother’s voice, comforting her and urging her to keep praying.  Marika struggles to do so but she does like a mantra. It seems like ages are going by and increasingly she feels as if she being ripped apart when suddenly she finds herself back in the warm, comforting light with her grandmother once more.

“You did it my child, you did it,” her grandmother cries in relief and then she embraces her granddaughter once more this time no force will separate them.