Defying Nature: Kallias

"Unhappy Man Leaning At The Wall" Image courtesy of stockimages at

“Unhappy Man Leaning At The Wall”
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Two hours after Kallias left the church, he is in his in-laws apartment.  He fights tears as he attempts to break the terrible news both of his wife and of his son.  “Our neighbor Mrs. Sanna was watching Marcos…he started gasping and__”

“Marcos is dead,” states Michel, Kallias’s father-in-law, flatly causing his wife Chara to gasp out loud.

“Yes,” whispers Kallias as a few tears begin to fall down his cheeks.

“I take it Phoibe is inconsolable which is why she is not here.”

“It is far more than that.  When I went to see her at the clothier shop to give her the news, she beat my chest with her fists, and shouted I was lying about Marcos.  I had to repeat myself several times hoping it would sink in and then suddenly she screamed like a wild animal. Nothing I nor her boss said or did soothed her. Luckily a fellow worker went to fetch a doctor, who came straight away, he ordered Phoibe to be taken to hospital.”

“And how is she is? Can we see her?” asks Chara.

Kallia takes a few moments to compose himself before replying. “I am afraid it will not be possible for anyone other than the doctor and hospital staff to see Phoibe. She has suffered a complete break of the mind and it is not known when she will recover, if ever.”

“I told her to stop having children after Agalia and Ilias died but she would not listen. Phoibe foolishly believed God would bless her with a child who would remain healthy and strong,” spits out Chara in contempt.

“Please Chara it is no good being angry with her, she needs our support as does Kallia.

Chara swallows hard and then says, “I don’t know if I can do as you ask.”

“I will help you do so,” says Michel gently as he lays a hand on her shoulder.